Welcome to our beauty salon. We are located in Hirakata Japan and will soon have locations in Seoul, South Korea for our Korean beauties. We love hair and beauty products! Asian beauty products are our favorite as both Japanese and Korean women have long known that a natural approach to hair, makeup, and all beauty is the best way to go. We help both men and women and are familiar with the latest hairstyles of both. We get a lot of customers from both near and far to our little salon.

We also do special events! We do hair for wedding parties, weddings, and graduation ceremonies, too. We are very well-reviewed as you can see on our review page.

Shampoo and Scalp Treatments

Our shampoo and scalp treatments will help fix damaged hair as we use all natural ingredients that way can use with confidence. If you have any concerns or questions about how we can help you care for your hair and scalpĀ or Asian fashion please contact us. We provide secure and reliable service at the vine hair studio and would love to hear from you.

Hours and Information

Hair Studio Fine
TEL: 072-852-7807
Hours: 9:30 to 18:00
(Reservations accepted until 17:30)
Closed: every Monday the second-March fire holidays